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250 000 Epoch Times readers will be invited to A Local Act For Peace festival

We are happy to announce that today we release our website and we will thus begin to invite people from all over the world to the A Local Act For Peace festival being held on 27th of August.

More performers and artists will be added as well as displays of joining festival groups during the summer. If you come back to visit us you will see how we grow together.

We have also started talking to the press and the first confirmed media doing a story about this event is an independent Chinese web and paper magazine – Epoch Times. Through them we will reach more than 250 000 people and we therefore have a chance to inspire these people as well in this idea of A Local Act For Peace.

Artical in Epoch Times 2016-07-16
A global festival for peace

The world’s largest festival to be held simultaneously in 11 countries.

What can one do to support peace on an individual level? This was a question that Clas Vallin was asking himself. Clas is one of the originators of the project and the festival ”A local act for peace”. With this festival he wants to ignite and encourage people around the world to to take their own initiative for peace.

It could be a large act or a smaller one. It could be to make peace with oneself, it could be to make peace with people with whom one has had an argument or it could be to get involved in larger community projects involving many people. The important thing as Clas states it is to inspire people, to have them lift their focus and to feel they can actually do something to improve their immediate surroundings.

  • One will be in a context where people care about peace on a local level, says Clas. We must stop to expect that peace organisations and politicians are the ones that will fix it. We as individuals should also contribute.

Clas has with him a team of engaged people who together lead the project. The work will culminate in the festival ”A Local Act For Peace” on the 27th of August. The conviction is that peace can be originated and maintained on an individual level and that each person can take a step in that direction.

The world’s largest festival starts from Stockholm

Through a live broadcast from Stockholm they will connect world artists, directors, singer/songwriters and engaged people from all over the world to meet in an digital onlinefestival where all mutually can inspire and be inspired by each others. There are several countries that have enrolled to hold local festivals. Amongst those are for example US, Italy, New Zeeland, Lithuania, Portugal, Iceland, Australia, France and Iran.

On the festival there will be given news from a peace research group in Uppsala University. This group is lead by Mr Erik Hadar Melander. He will inform us about the status concerning peace on the planet and the fact that the larger conflicts are decreasing while disturbances and violence more often occur on a local level.

  • Clas says that peace is not only about a condition between countries, it´s also about a condition between individuals. A condition that everyone wants but find hard to maintain. It is often about locked positions in relations which don’t absolve until someone lets go of a standpoint.

World artists accepted the invitation and without hesitation.

Clas who has been involved in producing and launching different art projects tells that they have received very special reactions when presenting this project to people. None of those who have been asked have refused their participation.

One of the world artists who will appear on the festival is the renowned guitarist Leo Quintero. Leo has taken part in the production of many Grammy Award winning contributions and amongst others with Jennifer Lopez and Ricky Martin’s ”A quien quiera escuchar” this year awarded ”The Best Latino-pop production”. Due to the tough political situation in Latin America, Mr Quintero had no hesitations in taking part in the A Local Act For Peace festival.

Another artist that will be participating is the composer and musician Mr Anthony Sidney.
Anthony is a very well known classical composer in Italy and will be playing from a church i Florence.

  • I’m a bit tired of TV shows on charity where one can pay in order to feel free from responsibility. Donations are fine but if it is the only way to act in a situation we all experience then it could create a scene where people only expect others to act. I want to see if we can create something where people understand that they have something to do with it as an individual.

To many people peace is a matter of life and death.

Clas Vallin is an architect and artist and when he told one of his colleagues, Sepideh Sarrafzadeh who works in Iran about this project he understood that to her this project was on another level of importance for her.

  • It felt like it was more important compared to what it is for us up here in Sweden since she lives in a historically more unstable and dangerous environment. Peace is more desirable in that area than to us in Europe. In Sweden we haven’t had peace as a general domestic topic for several centuries. The reactions we have received in Sweden for this project are very positive but not as a matter of life and death.

By logging in to the site alocalactforpeace.org one can take part in the performances that will take place throughout the globe. The project team encourages everyone who wants to support to send in a selfie film together with a short presentation. These films will be published via the site and on Face Book.

Clas and his team wants this peace festival to grow and to reoccur every year and that it also becomes a well known concept inspiring people to act for peace on an individual level.

  • Clas quotes John Lennon who said ”The only ability one needs is the understanding that one can actually do something as an individual.”

Andrea Elvhage, Epoch Times http://www.epochtimes.se/global-festival-for-fred/