A Local Act For Peace Globe

A Local Act For Peace is a one day festival held in Sweden that will also be broadcasted live throughout the globe. The purpose of this event is to invite people to join us in this party for peace. The entrance ticket in order to have access to the broadcast is that one personally as an individual contributes with an act locally and wherever on the planet one happens to be. This act then being in the name of peace.

Our slogan is; An act from the heart in the concept of peace.

The festival will go on for one day and we will fill the day with local bands and artists as well as with renowned and established artists. The filming and broadcasting will go on all through the day and a host will cover the event from the beginning to the end.

We will invite others to arrange their own festivals wherever they are located on the planet so to join us in this idea. On our website alocalactforpeace.org we will show all participants and where the other participants are located geogaphically. We will also with a short presentation show who they are. Additionally we will create a flow of short filmed messages where people can report their own acts they have performed in the name and for peace.

We are interested in what people do for peace as long as it comes from the heart and that it is done with the intention of love. In the same time we will on our website present some suggested actions. We will also recommend some organizations to which people can make a donation if they choose to do so.

One of the background reasons for us taking this initiative is that we believe in the power of people acting from the heart. We saw this idea as an opportunity to also try something new.

A local act for peace is not about politics, not about religion, nor social, cultural or ethnic in its positioning.

It is about the idea that peace is created by individuals and this on a local basis while it is manifested more like a wish on the political arena.

Our idea is that an act from the heart in the concept of peace is our next step.

You are welcome to join us if you feel the same way.