With the examples below we would like to inspire you to start, but we’re sure you can think of many more things to do when you start looking at them.

1. Call your worst enemy and find something that he/she is right about and then acknowledge it.

2. Acknowledge someone you envy.

3. Admire yourself for a while.

4. Ask your mother- (or father) -in-law to help you do something even if you feel you can do it better on your own.

5. Take your partner out for dinner, open your heart and re-create your relationship.

6. Support someone who does good and who makes a difference.

7. Find something nice about the car of your brother-in-law and tell him about it.

8. Make a list of people you need to apologize and work it through, starting with yourself.

9. Start donating money to organisations that send people to aid troublesome parts of the world and continue to do so.

10. Track down conflicts in your near surroundings and see if you can help. Don’t be afraid.

11. See your parents and tell them authentically about your life and enjoy the interaction.

12. Make a short film with your smartphone showing your version of a local act for peace and send it to us, or just pick one of the examples above.