Please join us and make an act of peace in your life.

Become a member

The annual membership fee is €15, $17 or SEK150.

As an alternative to this you can also do a local act for peace in your own life and then tell us about it via email. Send us a short film or provide a written story featuring your own local act for peace.

If you want to even further stretch your personal responsibility in the area of peace then you could also start up your own A Local Act For Peace festival – large or small. Contact us via email and we can Skype about it.

Doing any of the three things described above will qualify you for your annual membership.

One of the benefits that comes with this membership is to receive the A Local Act For Peace newsletter while in the same time being able to enjoy being part of an expanding movement working for peace in their own lives.

Feel free however to do all three of the above if you feel tempted or if you are just that kind of person.

If you want to make a donation, here are the details:

BankGiro: 490-8356 
Bankaddress: SEB, 106 40 Stockholm, SWEDEN