June 13, 2017

Peace and Conflicts

1. The statistical trend shows that the world is becoming more peaceful.

Since the second world war the trend has been that the world is becoming more peaceful. Several classic areas of conflict have become stabilised while the current violence in the middle east is holding up the statistics of conflicts. The overall scene is that the conflicts of today are more of a local nature compared to before and the world as a whole is becoming increasingly more peaceful.


2. Peacekeeping efforts around the world are giving results.

Since the end of the cold war the number of efforts made by peacekeeping organisations have increased. The number of resolutions taken at the United Nations Security Council have since the end of the cold war also increased dramatically and the United Nations have practically exploded in peacekeeping activity. Along with this increased activity the number of vetos against resolutions has in the same time decreased. The final effect of this is demonstrated in the decrease of conflicts by the aid of a larger amount of peacekeeping troups.


3. The increase of female leadership is contributing to this positive trend of increasing global peace.

The number of female heads of states and foreign ministers have increased since the second world war. This is a tendency that comes from gender equality and it has had a positive effect on peace. In these societies the warrior role is no longer on the agenda and the solutions of conflicts that come with that type of role is no longer accepted and war is seen upon as a last resort.


4. Modern societies are no longer glorifying war and consider war to be an inacceptable solution to conflicts.

In societies where equality between men and women have been developed, both men and women have changed and there one does not anymore glorify war and one does not accept violence as a solution to a conflict. The traditional view of a warrior as a saviour as we can see in more masculine societies does not have a place in these more developed societies.


5. Societies with equality between men and women are less interested in waging war.

The gender equality, meaning the increased status of women in society is a factor that also creates a more peaceful environment. Societies with equality between men and women are more peaceful and are less interested in violence in any way that you can measure it. One could think that this would be wishful and politically correct thinking while it’s in actual fact based on hard research.