A Local Act For Peace is a private initiative which has neither political nor a religious agenda. The organization is a non-profit organization abiding by the Swedish legislation concerning transparency and documentation.

The organization A Local Act For Peace was originally founded for two reasons;

  1. To spread the research from Uppsala University that gives us the data over time that shows us the world is becoming a more peaceful place, even though it might not seem so when media is reporting.
  2. To encourage people to do peace by making a local act for peace, in their own lives.

Your membership in A Local Act For Peace means that you join us and our vision to do peace. The donations and membership fees are dedicated to help us reach and inspire more people to create peace in their own lives.

The board members of the organization are the initiators Clas Vallin, Eva Vallin and Rikard Jonsson.

We are able to carry out our festivals thanks to competent, engaged and peace-loving partners who put in their expertise, time and effort to make this happen. And we love them for that!

Organization number: 802513-9810

A Local Act For Peace
Nyckelbyvägen 47
178 90 Ekerö