August 9, 2017

Upcoming festivals 26 of August

Nyckelby, Sweden 18.00-20.00 CET

Private residence, location of the Nyckelby festival

Nyckelby lineup

Louise Hoffsten

Louise Hoffsten

Louise Hoffsten is a well known Swedish songwriter, musician and singer with deep roots in rock and blues music. Her career has brought her from Linköping to Memphis releasing 16 studio albums in both Swedish and English. The award winning singer has built a wide following throughout the course of her career.

This fall she will appear in Swedish television’s hit reality series “Så mycket bättre”.


Julian is an indie pop duo consisting of musicians Elin Vallin and Anton Avernäs. Since their initial writing sessions two years ago they have been producing captivating songs usually stamped with their bittersweet tinge. They count Susanne Sundfør, Bon Iver and Highasakite among their main influences.


is a Swedish pop star who enjoyed vast international success predominantly in Japan, Australia and the US starting from the ‘90s. She has since received several awards and her music has grown to encompass not only pop, but also rock, jazz, bossa nova, and more recently a more acoustic americana/blues sound.

With her fresh, ‘70s inspired rock band “Peace conspiracy” and her involvement as an ambassador in the Non-Violence project, Meja continues to deliver authentic musicianship along with a strong message.

Tamela Hedström

Tamela is an accomplished performer with a rich cultural blend and style stemming in part from her having a Costa Rican mother and a Swedish father. In 2007 she participated in the Swedish “Idol” tv series. Her success on the show propelled her career and led to several collaborations with recognized Swedish producers. She has made multiple appearances in Costa Rican television and has released two successful studio albums in her exciting blend of latin, pop and soul, all the while working with some of the best musicians of the latin sphere.

Cosmos Sunshine

Cosmos Sunshine

Cosmos Sunshine is an American artist and songwriter at the head of several different projects, adding up to an impressive roster of released LP’s and EP’s. Hailing from rural Connecticut, his rock music retains an earthy, raw and emotional vibe. Cosmos hosted two festivals in USA 2017 and 2018.

Organizations participating and sharing their acts for peace.

Yennenga Progress

Porto, Portugal

Private residence, location of the Porto festival

The Joy Nuts_A Local Act For Peace

The Joy Nuts

The Joy Nuts is a recent Portuguese band, from Porto, whose purpose is to bring a positive vibe to anyone who listens to their songs. Starting from covering well known folk songs with a personal approach, at the present moment they are recording their very first original album. Link to Facebook