August 9, 2017

Upcoming festivals 26 of August

Soon presenting the upcoming festivals...

The festivals in February

Nyckelby, Sweden 18.00-21.00 CET

Private residence, location of the Nyckelby festival

Nyckelby lineup

Jennifer Aalto_ A Local Act For Peace

Jennifer Aalto

Jennifer Aalto is a Swedish producer, songwriter and artist active in Stockholm.
She has released 5 songs on Spotify so far with more to come.
Her music is influenced by artists such as ansiktet, Oskar Linnros, Miriam Bryant.
Henrik Niss

Henrik Niss

Henrik Niss is a young, swedish singer-songwriter active in Stockholm. His soulful/funky music draws inspiration from John Mayer, Jarle Bernhoft and Magnus Tingsek. Niss’ exciting harmonic language and vibrant guitarplay melds together nicely, giving his live performance a fun, easygoing feeling.

Shalisa Taylor_A Local Act For Peace

Shalisa Taylor

Shalisa Taylor is a 21 year old singer/songwriter with english roots, based in Stockholm. Her version of pop/soul emphasizes melody and vocal arrangements and draws from artists such as Nora jones and Adele. The lyrics come from her everyday life. Thoughts, positive and negative, with a need to be expressed.

Nina Rosendal

She captures the listener with honesty in her voice and lyrics. Hailing from Västervik in southeastern Sweden, Nina writes in Swedish and shows you both light and the dark. With the recent release of her first EP – Begagnad Kärlek – she relates to how one can forget to hold one’s own hand whilst in the midst of another persons struggle for human rights and for survival.

Organizations participating and sharing their acts for peace.

Kompis Sverige

Connecticut, USA 3 pm EST

Private residence, location of the Connecticut festival

Connecticut lineup

Cosmos Sunshine

Cosmos Sunshine

Cosmos Sunshine is an American artist and songwriter at the head of several different projects, adding up to an impressive roster of released LP’s and EP’s. Hailing from rural Connecticut, his rock music retains an earthy, raw and emotional vibe. Cosmos is also responsible for the festival.

New Hope, USA 5.30 pm EST

Private residence, location of the New Jersey festival

Alexis Moon

Alexis Moon

Alexis Moon is a poet, musician, and activist.  She is one half of the indie rock duo Naughty Clouds (with Ray Kubian of Dean Ween Group). She has toured as a vocalist with Joe Gallant’s Illuminati, a 17-piece jazz rock orchestra, performed in numerous New York City theater productions and has played extensively in clubs as a singer-songwriter. More about Alexis Moon and Naughty Clouds

Porto, Portugal 18.00 GMT

Private residence, location of the Porto festival

The Joy Nuts_A Local Act For Peace

The Joy Nuts

The Joy Nuts is a recent Portuguese band, from Porto, whose purpose is to bring a positive vibe to anyone who listens to their songs. Starting from covering well known folk songs with a personal approach, at the present moment they are recording their very first original album. Link to Facebook